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General Information
LocationFar Downs, the Shire

Greenholm was a town or village of the Hobbits on the Far Downs, which originally lay on the western borders of the Shire. It was the home of Fastred, who married Samwise Gamgee's daughter Elanor, and with her founded the Fairbairn Family. King Elessar extended the Shire's borders westward to the Tower Hills in S.R. 1452, and ten years later Fastred and Elanor removed from Greenholm into the new Westmarch of the Shire.[1]

Etymology[edit | edit source]

The name Greenholm is open to various interpretations, because the old word holm has a number of possible meanings.

Greenholm possibly represents Old English Greneholm in which case it means "green island".[2]


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