Grey Wood

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The Grey Wood was a wood growing between Mount Mindolluin in Gondor and the beacon-hill of Amon Dîn to the north. It formed an easterly outlier of the larger Drúadan Forest, where the remnant of the Drúedain dwelt in the Third Age.[1] Its trees masked the eastern entrance to the ancient and forgotten Stonewain Valley through the White Mountains near the Great West Road.[2]

During the War of the Ring, the Drúedain shared their knowledge of the secret Valley with the Rohirrim, and so on 14 March[3] Théoden and his Men passed through the Grey Wood to the relief of Minas Tirith.[2] After the War, Aragorn returned to the Grey Wood, and it was here that he granted Ghân-buri-Ghân and his people the freedom of the whole Drúadan Forest.[4]