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Help page
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For those users not familiar with editing a Wiki, this page lists some basic syntax. For a full list, see Wikipedia's Cheatsheet, Markup reference, or "How to edit a Wiki page".

Tolkien Gateway has set standards for the use of syntax. Please read Tolkien Gateway:Manual of Style before contributing. You can try out at our Sandbox.


Description You type You get
Italic text



Bold text



Bold and italic text

'''''bold and italic'''''

bold and italic

Internal link
(within Tolkien Gateway)

[[Bilbo Baggins]]
[[Bilbo Baggins|Bilbo]]

Bilbo Baggins

External link
(to other websites)

[ IMDb]
[[Wikipedia:Ian Holm|Wikipedia]]


Referencing Simple: Fact<ref>Source</ref>

Source used more than once:<ref name="tralala">Source 2</ref>
Reusing such a note: <ref name="tralala"/>

(at the end of the article, type {{references}}
Simple: Fact[1]

Source used more than once:[2]
Reusing such a note: [2]

  1. Source
  2. 2.0 2.1 Source 2
Section headers

== Level 1 ==
=== Level 2 ===
==== Level 3 ====

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Adding bullets

* One
* Two
** Two point one
* Three

  • One
  • Two
    • Two point one
  • Three
Numbered list
Empty lines between list items restarts numbering at 1.

# One
# Two
## Two point one
# Three

  1. One
  2. Two
    1. Two point one
  3. Three
Thumbnail image
See also Help: Images.

[[File:Parma.gif|thumb|The Tengwa Parma]]

The Tengwa Parma
Poem extension <poem style="font-style:italic; margin-left:20px;"> The text
Of the Poem
Goes here

The text
Of the Poem
Goes here