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Heren Hyarmen

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Heren Hyarmen (Order of the South) is the first official Tolkien Society-affiliated Smial in Latin America. It was founded on 19 March 1989 by Ronald Kyrmse, in São Paulo, Brazil. The name was changed on 9 January 2003 to "Heren Hyarmeno", the correct Quenya genitive to mean "Order of the South".[1]

This Tolkien Society smial is defunct as off 2023 it is no longer listed as being active.[2]

The official correspondence with The Tolkien Society elicited the following reply:

As far as I know, the Heren Hyarmen is the first Smial in Latin America. However, you cannot lay claim to being the first in the Southern Hemisphere as there have been two in Australia over the past 12 years. Both have not survived to this day, so at the moment your smial is the ONLY one in the Southern Hemisphere!

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