Hobbiton Hill

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The Hill - Hobbiton across the Water by J.R.R. Tolkien.

Hobbiton Hill, usually called simply The Hill, stood to the north of the town of Hobbiton.[1] Bag End was tunneled into this hill by Bungo Baggins.[2]

The earth removed in excavating Bag End was shot over the edge of the sudden fall in the hillside onto the ground forming the Bagshot Row; it became the gardens and earthwalls of the other dwellings.[3]

A path outside Bag End led to a gate and towards the Hill Road. The garden-path led to the bottom of the western side of the Hill where was a hedge; beyond it is a meadow, and a gate opening into a narrow lane.[4]

After Bilbo Baggins returned from the Quest for Erebor, the younger hobbits believed that the Hill was full of secret tunnels filled with his legendary treasure, to explain his wealth.[2]