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"The royal court of Thingol" by Steamey
General Information
Other namesElves of Doriath
OriginsTeleri and Green-elves
MembersAmdír, Amroth
Physical Description

The Iathrim or Elves of Doriath were those Sindar that lived in the broad forests of central Beleriand, Neldoreth, and Region, under the Kingship of Elu Thingol and later Dior Eluchíl. These people, whose Queen was of the order of the Maiar and whose King was the High King of the Sindar, were held to be the highest and noblest of the Grey-elven kindred.

The Marchwardens were those Elves assigned to guarding the borders of the forest of Doriath.[1]

After the Ruin of Doriath, Elwing led the survivors to the Mouths of Sirion.


Iathrim is Sindarin for "People of the Fence", as is a compound of iath ("fence") and the class-plural suffix -rim.[2]


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