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"They are as ice and glass and steel, being above all imagination of the Children of Earth cold, transparent, and hard. They cannot be seen, nor can they be passed, save by the Door of Night."
Rúmil of Tirion, The Ambarkanta[1]:235

Ilurambar (Q, pron. [ˌiluˈrambar]) is a term mentioned in The Book of Lost Tales Part One and is a Qenya name for the Walls of the World.[2] Earlier it was called the Wall of Things.[3]

According to the Ambarkanta, the Walls are a shell that fence Vaiya and the world from emptiness and darkness (the Void). The World and all its airs are globed inside them. They are totally impervious and their only opening is the Door of Night which is guarded by Earendil.[1]:237-238

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Ilurambar derives from ilu- meaning "all, the universe"[4] and rambar (plural of ramba) meaning "walls".[5]