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Imladris, Danmarks Tolkienforening

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Imladris, Danmarks Tolkienforening is a Danish Tolkien Society. The Society published the journal Athelas, but has since 1998 been concentrating on creating a forum for Danish fans of J.R.R. Tolkien on the internet.



Announcement for Danmarks Tolkienforening, 1993

Danmarks Tolkienforening was founded by Inge Søbæk and Lars-Terje Lysemose, both members of The Tolkien Society, on January 3, 1993 in Copenhagen. At the meeting, Lysemose was elected to be the editor for Athelas.

At first unknown to Søbæk and Lysemose, another Danish Tolkien Sociey, named Tolkiens Følge, had been founded in Roskilde on September 22, 1992. However, after learning about the aim of Tolkiens Følge, Søbæk and Lysemose wanted to be a more traditional litarary society for Tolkien enthusiasts, and so continued with their project.

Throughout Denmark, Danmarks Tolkienforening managed to arrange several lectures, concerts with music inspired by Tolkien and exhibitions with artists portraying the legendarium of Tolkien. Danmarks Tolkienforening also took part in the first Nordic Tolkien festival, held in 1994 in Uppsala, Sweden.

In the summer of 1993, Tolkiens Følge merged with Danmarks Tolkienforening, and the new name became: Imladris - Danmarks Tolkienforening. However, missing the practise of parties and costumes, a group in Copenhagen detached and founded Bri, Tolkienselskabet i København in 1996.[1]

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  1. Lars-Terje Lysemose, "Historien om Imladris - Danmarks Tolkienforening (Den lange udgave) 11 September 2005" ("The History of Imladris, the Tolkien Society of Denmark (The Long Story)", online article, as of July 22, 2010