In Search of C.S. Lewis

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In Search of C.S. Lewis
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EditorStephen Schofield
PublisherBridge Logos Publishers

In Search of C.S. Lewis is a 1983 collection of memoirs of C.S. Lewis by people who knew him. The book contains letters, recollections, anecdotes, interviews, and similarly.[1] In one of the chapters, Professor E.L. Edmonds offers reminiscences about his undergraduate days being tutored by Lewis, and recalls J.R.R. Tolkien:

It was at [Lewis's] Beowulf soirees that I first came under the spell of JRR Tolkien... [he] came quite often. It was very obvious that the two of them were great friends - indeed, they were like two young bear cubs sometimes, just happily quipping with one another.
—p. 45

One thing I could not fail to remember about Tolkien and Lewis when they were together; apart from their shaggy tweeds. This was their inveterate habit of playing at smoke rings. Sometimes, one would try for the best sequence of rings, and it is still a source of wonderment to me how they managed to send up one ring and then put two or three more rings through very quickly before the first ring dissipated. Of such smoking habits were those of Gandalf formed?
—p. 47[2]