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Isaac Asimov (Russian: Исаак Озимов) (c. January 2, 1920 - April 6, 1992) was a prolific science fiction author and polemic. As such, some of his writings discuss J.R.R. Tolkien's thematics, especially the One Ring.

In a letter written to Charlotte and Denis Plimmer in 1967, Tolkien said that he seldom found any modern books that could hold his attention. One exception though was the science fiction of Isaac Asimov, which Tolkien said he enjoyed.[1]

In an interview conducted in 1988, Asimov said that he "likes" Tolkien and that he has "read it five times" (likely referring to The Lord of the Rings).[2]


  • 1980: Panorama
    • (May): "The One Ring is What We Make It"
  • 1983: Asimov on Science Fiction
    • "The Ring of Evil"
  • 1991: Isaac's Universe, volume two: Phases in Chaos
    • "Concerning Tolkien"
  • 1996: Magic: The Final Fantasy Collection
    • "Concerning Tolkien"

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