Johan de Meij

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Johan de Meij is a Dutch conductor, composer, and trombonist well known within the Tolkien community for his "Symphony No. 1", "The Lord of the Rings". In 2018 he premiered his new Tolkien-related symphony "Symphony No. 5", commissioned by The Middle Earth Commissioning Project.

De Meij nowadays lives in the NYC metro area and regularly visits Amsterdam.[1] He is still active as a conductor, including his own work worldwide.

Tolkien-related works

  • 2018 Symphony No. 5 "Return to Middle-earth"
    1. Miri na Fëanor (Jewels of Fëanor)
    2. Tinúviel (Nightingale)
    3. Ancalagon i-môr (Ancalagon, the Black)
    4. Arwen Undómiel (Evenstar)
    5. Dagor Delothrin (The War of Wrath)
    6. Thuringwethil (Woman of Secret Shadow)

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