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KUL is a Primitive Quendian root signifying "golden-red".[1][2]


  • Quenya: kullo ("red gold"); kulda, kulina ("flame-coloured, golden-red"); kuluina ("orange"); kuluma[1]

Other versions

In the Etymologies also appears the root GUL, signifying "glow, shine gold or red", with the descendant forms Primitive Quendian guldā and Noldorin goll ("red scarlet"). Christopher Tolkien notes, however, that this "original entry was struck out" and replaced by KUL.[3][4]

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The Sundocarme "Shine" Group
 GAL/KAL ("shine") · GIL ("shine") · RIL ("glitter") · SIL/THIL ("shine silver") · GUL/KUL ("shine gold or red")