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Klett-Cotta, till 1977 Ernst Klett, full name Verlagsgemeinschaft Ernst Klett-J.G. Cotta’sche Buchhandlung Nachf. GmbH, is a German publishing company.

The domicile of the book publisher is in Stuttgart, Germany. Klett-Cotta publishes books of diferent genres, from Fantasy, Nonfiction, History to books about Psychology, Educational science and Philosophy.

During the 1960s Michael Klett (*1938), son of the former head of the publishing company Ernst Klett (1911- 1998), effected, that J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings was incorporated in Klett's publishing program. The book was declined by every greater German publishing house before. In 1966 Ernst Klett made Allen & Unwin an official offer for the German publishing rights of The Lord of the Rings.

The first German The Lord of the Rings-edition, translated by Margaret Carroux and Ebba-Margareta von Freymann, was published 1969/70 under the title Der Herr der Ringe. With the second edition of 1972, Paperback and slipcase, Der Herr der Ringe became a success for Klett.

The publishing company was renamed after the merger of Ernst Klett and the publisher Cotta’sche Verlagsbuchhandlung in 1977.

Most of Tolkien's works in German were and are published first or only by Klett-Cotta.


Online presence of publisher Klett-Cotta