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LAW (also appearing in the extended form LAWAR) is a Primitive Quendian root signifying the golden colour.[1]


  • Common Eldarin: lawā ("growing, blooming...used for a sun-year")
    • Quenya: löa ("growing, blooming...used for a sun-year")
  • Quenya: löar, lávar ("(golden) blossom"); laure ("golden colour of sunshine or golden flowers")
  • Sindarin: glawar, glaur-

Other versions

In the Qenya Lexicon appear the roots LAURE ("gold") and LAWA ("have life...but used of a vegetable").[2]

In the Etymologies appears the roots LÁWAR- (Noldorin alteration: GLÁWAR-), from which derives Primitive Quendian *laurē ("(light of the golden Tree Laurelin) gold [the colour, cf. SMAL]".[3][4]

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