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"Nandor" by Šárka Škorpíková
Biographical Information
PronunciationQ, pron. [ˈlɛnwɛ]
Other namesDenweg (N)[1]
PositionLeader of the Nandor[2]
Birthbetween Y.T. 1050 and 1115[3]
Rulefrom Y.T. 1115[3] to unknown date
Physical Description
GalleryImages of Lenwë

Lenwë was the first leader of the Nandor.[2]


When the Eldar had to leave Atyamar and cross the Great River Anduin,[4] seeing the Misty Mountains across their path to the west, some of them fell away from the Journey. Lenwë, belonging to the host of Olwë, led a part of the Teleri south, down the Vales of Anduin. Lenwë's people afterwards became known as the Nandor.[2]

Lenwë had a son, Denethor, who eventually crossed the Misty Mountains with a group of his father's people.[2]

Other names

The name Lenwë is the form in which he was remembered among the Noldor, though his original name was most likely Denwego (rendered in Nandorin as Denweg).[1]


b. Y.T.
d. Y.T. 1497

Other versions of the legendarium

In the earlier versions of the legendarium his name was Nano (or Dân as he was called by his own people).[3]


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Born: Between Y.T. 1050 and 1115
New position
Leader of the Nandor
Y.T. 1115 - unknown
Followed by: