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Letter to Deirdre Levinson (26 June 1957)

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On 26 June 1957, J.R.R. Tolkien wrote a letter to Deirdre Levinson (his former student, who at this time was in South Africa).

  • Publication: A description of the letter was included in Michael Silverman Catalogue 23 and in Bonhams Books, Maps and Manuscripts 23 March 2004.[1]
  • Description: Tolkien comments on conditions in South Africa, and gives Levinson news of various appointments in Oxford, including Nevill Coghill as the Merton Professor of English Literature, and Elaine Griffiths as a Lecturer. Tolkien was shocked by the death of Roy Campbell but relieved by the general tone of his obituaries. He is sorry "to be pinned down to beer, especially in quantity. On the whole it goes down better with tobacco than other drinks; but I have never been a gargantuan swiller of it".[2]

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