Letter to Hans-Jörg Modlmayr (16 March 1967)

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On 16 March 1967, J.R.R. Tolkien wrote a letter to Hans-Jörg Modlmayr.[1]

  • Subject: Tolkien's view on illustrations of his works, and a discussion of possible illustrations for German translations.
  • Publication: A quote from the letter appeared in the auction catalogue J.A. Stargardt Katalog 698.

Excerpt[edit | edit source]

"... I have not yet been informed what the position is with regard to German translation since one proposed translator was turned down partly owing to my criticisms. With regard to illustration, I do not myself favour any illustration of The Lord of the Rings, though, of course, the better the illustrator the less would be my objections. However, I think the question whether illustrations would be either an improvement of the book or likely to increase its sale in Germany would be one for the publisher himself to decide ... A set or series of designs by Möser to moments or figures in the story, or expressive of emotions aroused by it, would be of very great interest, but that is quite another matter ..."

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