Letter to Harry C. Bauer

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On 24 November 1966, J.R.R. Tolkien wrote a letter to Professor Harry C. Bauer.[note 1][1]

  • Subject: Tolkien thanks Bauer for an article or reprint Bauer had sent him. While the text Bauer sent is unknown, John D. Rateliff has noted that "it must have had something to do with the work of Sinclair Lewis, since Tolkien immediately segues into saying that he is now inclined to think that the word hobbit owes something to Lewis's Babbitt". Tolkien also states in the letter that "he read all of Sinclair Lewis" (apparently referring to Lewis's famous books).[1]
  • Description: Typed letter.[1]

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  1. Harry Charles Bauer (1902-1978), born in St. Louis, Missouri, was a graduate of the St. Louis Library School. Bauer served as a professor of library science at the University of Washington. (Source: Digital Collections: Harry C. Bauer and Lulu Fairbanks examining the Eric A. Hegg photograph albums, n.d., at University Libraries, University of Washington (accessed 17 August 2013).)


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