Letter to Michael George Tolkien (16 September 1965)

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On 16 September 1965, J.R.R. Tolkien wrote a letter to Michael George Tolkien.[1]


"I am, of course, deeply interested in all that you tell me of your work and tastes. I might (it may be thought) have given you more help and advice especially in parts of your work where I have any special knowledge. But I have been under much pressure while you have been at St Andrews ... (this refers especially to the battle over the PIRATE edition of The Lord of the Rings in U.S.A. by ACE Books) If you lived nearby, in an hour I could do what would take days to do less satisfactorily in writing. But in any case I have a strong feeling that you should not be influenced in growth of taste and discovery of aptitudes by opinions possibly weighted by family loyalty and affection; while in the end you will get more credit for your own industry and talents if you do not show much evidence of being under my shadow..."

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