Letter to Mr Hayward

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On 9 April 1957, J.R.R. Tolkien wrote a letter to Mr P. Hayward.[1][2]

  • Subject: Mr Hayward, a young reader of The Lord of the Rings, had written a letter of appreciation to Tolkien.[1] In his reply, Tolkien (among other things) reflects on the success of The Hobbit,[2] and writes that he intends to write no more books about hobbits.[3]
  • Description: Handwritten, 1-page (4to) letter, with autograph envelope.[2]

From an auction

Autograph letter signed to P. Haywood reflecting on the success of The Hobbit and looking forward to writing about other Middle English legends. "It is a great pleasure to an author to hear of his success in giving pleasure ... I find it most interesting to hear comments, favourable or adverse. I have in fact had a very large number of letters. But, I suppose, that if I had to sum them up, I should learn that every part of the books was to some readers its particular flaw, and to others its special merit", noting that he shall not "write any more about Hobbits or any characters in this Tale" but that he hopes "when professional tasks allow, to put into order the more Elvish legends of all the earlier Ages", a probable reference to The Silmarillion, the romance which acted as a backdrop to both The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings and which Tolkien never completed in his lifetime.

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