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General Information
Other namesLimlich, Limliht, Limlaith and Limhîr
LocationEast of Fangorn Forest between the Field of Celebrant and The Wold
DescriptionEast-flowing tributary of the Anduin
EventsBattle of the Field of Celebrant

The Limlight was a river at the north of Rohan that ran through northern Fangorn and emptied into the Anduin.[1]

It formed the southern boundary of the Field of Celebrant, and was claimed by Celeborn and Galadriel of Lothlórien as the southern boundary of their realm.[2] It was also the historic northern border of Gondor,[3] and later of Rohan.[4]


In T.A. 2510[5] the Northern Army of Gondor had been driven by the Balchoth and Orcs across the Limlight. The men of Gondor were facing destruction when Eorl the Young, leading the Éothéod, fell upon the rear of the enemy and drove them southward with heavy losses over the Limlight into the Wold.[6]

Aragorn, at the behest of Gandalf, hunted and captured Gollum in 3017;[5] on his journey north to Thranduil they crossed the Limlight since Aragorn was taking a route west of the Great River.[7]

In February 3019[8] the Fellowship of the Ring floated past the mouth of the Limlight as they headed south upon the Anduin.[4]


Limlight is a modernized form of the word Limliht from Rohanese.[9]

The first element of the name is from an alien Elvish or Pre-Númenórean form which was obscure in Westron. The second element refers to the clarity of its bright waters.[10]

Tolkien provided different explanations of the exact meaning and even languages used in the name, including Limlich, Limliht, Limlaith[11] and Limhîr.[12]

Portrayal in adaptations

2007: The Lord of the Rings Online:

The Limlight River is located in the region referred to as The Great River. The river runs from east to west and contributes to Anduin. There are Rohirrim located north of the river, but most of them are petty criminals who were expelled from the lands of Rohan.

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