Little Lune

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Little Lune
General Information
LocationWestern Eriador, west of the Hills of Evendim, ran east from the Ered Luin
DescriptionA tributary to the River Lune, and a border between the realms of Elves and Dwarves
InhabitantsElves, Dwarves

The Little Lune was a western tributary of the river Lune. It flowed from its source on the eastern side of the northern part of the Ered Luin eastwards until its confluence with the Lune.[1][2][3][note 1]

The Little Lune was the northern border of the elven realm of Lindon and north of it was Dwarf territory.[4] This territory included dwarf-mines close to the northern end of the Ered Luin,[5] in which Arvedui, the last king of Arthedain fled after the conquest of Fornost Erain by the troops of Angmar[6] in T.A. 1974[7].

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Lune is a Westron name. It is an alteration of the elvish name Lhûn.[8]


  1. The Little Lune is unnamed on the General Map of Middle-earth and on The West of Middle-earth at the End of the Third Age map. However, it has the label Little Lune on The Third Map of The Lord of the Rings.