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* [ Lord of the Piercing]  at [ IMDb]
* [ Lord of the Piercing]  at [ IMDb]
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Lord of the Piercing is a short 4 minute parody of Peter Jackson's The Fellowship of the Ring, created for the 2002 MTV Movie Awards. It was broadcast June 6, 2002. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring won two awards (Best Movie and Best Newcomer) out of five nominations.

The parody was also included as an easter egg on the Extended Edition of The Fellowship of the Ring.


The segment features Jack Black and Sarah Michelle Gellar at the Council of Elrond. Jack the Elf accidently pierced the One Ring onto an appendage of his.


Role Actor
Jack the Elf Jack Black
Arwen Sarah Michelle Gellar

Footage of The Council of Elrond (scene) is being reused.

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