Lothlórien (chapter)

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The name Lothlórien refers to more than one character, item or concept. For a list of other meanings, see Lothlórien (disambiguation).
Chapter of The Fellowship of the Ring
EventThe Company is blindfolded and led by Haldir through Lothlórien.
Date15-17 January 3019
PerspectiveFrodo and Samwise
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Lothlórien is the sixth chapter of the second book in The Fellowship of the Ring.


The company moved on and came to Durin's Stone. Gimli, Frodo and Samwise, looked into the dark waters of Mirrormere, then proceeded to Lothlórien, land of the Silvan Elves. Samwise and Frodo, who had been wounded from the battle in Moria, were carried on the backs of Boromir and Aragorn. The company rested for a while and when Sam's wound was examined Aragorn realized that it would heal fast. But when he examined Frodo, he found Bilbo's hidden mithril coat.

In the forest of Lothlórien, the travelers decided to rest. The Elves of the forest welcomed them, although for safety's sake, the Elves decided they would blindfold Gimli, since the Elves of Lothlórien do not trust Dwarves or permit them in their lands. The company climbed up into trees and spent the night there with Haldir, Orophin, and their brother Rúmil. Late at night, a company of Orcs passed by, as well as Gollum, who was searching for the Ring.

The next day Aragorn decided that since Gimli must be blindfolded, they should all proceed with blindfolds, against Legolas's wishes. Later in the day, a message came from the Lord and Lady of the Galadhrim, welcoming them all, and ensuring that the Company needed no blindfolds. The forest was exquisite and the company admired it. The company saw the heart of Elvendom and felt the wonderful power of the Lady of the Galadhrim.


The chapters taking place in Lórien were first written probably towards the end of 1941. During this stage, and while writing this/these chapter(s), Tolkien decided to replace Aragorn/Trotter's name, replacing it with Elfstone, and temporarily Ingold before choosing Elfstone again.[1]