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A-denn - Makar and Measse.jpg
"Makar (left) and Measse" by A-denn
Biographical Information
Other namesRamandor, Kostorin (Q)
Magorn/Magron, Gothonwi (G)
Physical Description
Weaponry"Huge bill"[1]
GalleryImages of Makar

Makar was one of the Valar, according to the early version of the legendarium in The Book of Lost Tales. He is described as a "warrior Vala", along with his sister Meássë.


Before Makar came into the world, he, along with his sister Meássë, was already a quarrelsome spirit, even going so far as to join Melko in his discord during the Music of the Ainur.[2]

After arriving in Valinor, Makar and Meássë built their dwellings, made of iron, in the north, close to those of Mandos and Fui. The only Vala who visited his dwelling was Tulkas, who went there to wrestle and fight with Makar, although he did this only to keep his strength intact, for there was no friendship between the two.[1]

Makar, along with his sister, rode often to the Great Lands, where they hunted wolves and bears in the black mountains.[1]

When the Valar decided to seek out Melko and oust him from his dwelling at Utumna, Makar adorned them with armour.[3] After they brought Melko to Valinor for judgement, he was the only one to speak for him, being displeased with the prospect of peace.[4]

When the Elves awoke, and the Valar invited them to live among the Gods, he spoke against the others and was backed by Meássë, saying that Valinor was built for the Valar, and the Valar only.[5]

After the Darkening of Valinor, he joined the other Valar in pursuit of Melko, who was fleeing north towards his old stronghold. Despite the chase, Melko escaped.[6] However, Makar managed to capture and slay two of Melko's servants, returning with a red hand, smeared with blood. He was the only one who had any pleasure at the time, the Two Trees having been destroyed.[7]


Makar is a Qenya name, meaning "God of battle". Its Gnomish equivalent is Magorn or Magron.[8] He was also called Ramandor (meaning "the Shouter" in Qenya)[8], as well as Kostorin (or Gothonwi in Gnomish).[9]