Manic Miner: The Hobbit

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Manic Miner-The Hobbit-1.png
Manic Miner: The Hobbit
Video game
DeveloperAndrew Broad
PlatformZX Spectrum
Release date2000

Manic Miner: The Hobbit is an unofficial remake of Manic Miner with combines the story of The Hobbit with the gameplay of Manic Miner.[1][2][3] The game has two versions: the standard version, for people who have experience with Manic Miner games, and a beginner's version, for people who are new to Manic Miner.[1] It was released with its companion game Jet Set Willy: The Lord of the Rings.[1][2] The game is freeware and is written by Andrew Broad.[1][3][4]

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