Matěj Čadil

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Matěj Čadil
Biographical information
BornDecember 5, 1985
LocationCzech Republic

Matěj Čadil is a Czech artist and graphic designer who lives with his family in Prague, Czech Republic. He created numerous illustrations inspired by Tolkien's legendarium, he mostly explores locations or characters which are not very well known or often illustrated.

He is the creator of a Czech Tolkien website that has been active since 2001 and he has been making Tolkien-inspired art since that time (at first to illustrate the website).[1]

The Curious Fox by Matěj Čadil, shortlisted for Tolkien Society Award 2022

His illustration "The Curious Fox" was shortlisted for Best Artwork in Tolkien Society Awards 2022.[2]

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  • DeviantArt profile
  • – a Tolkienian website with encyclopedia, forum, Quenya dictionary and gallery of illustrations, made by Matěj Čadil (in Czech)


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