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Menelmacar, the Swordsman of the Sky,[1] one of the constellations set in the heavens by Varda to enlighten the awakening of the Elves. It was gathered by Varda from among the ancient stars, set as a foreboding of the Last Battle.[2]


[edit] Etymology

The elements of the Quenya name are: menel, "the heavens" and macar "swordsman", therefore "Heaven-Swordsman".[3][4]

[edit] Other names

Menelmacar is called Menelmakil in a note to Tolkien's essay Quendi and Eldar. The word makil is translated as sword, therefore, Menelmakil means "Heaven-Sword" (It is possible that it may be an error). Telumehtar and Menelvagor are also listed as other names, meaning "Warrior of the Sky" and "Swordsman of the Sky" respectively. Other name-forms and names: Menelmakar, see especially the article Telimektar.

[edit] Inspiration

Menelmacar is identified as the constellation Orion.[5]


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