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The constellation Menelmacar is called Menelmakil in a note by Tolkien to his essay Quendi and Eldar (WJ 359-424) on the origin of the Elvish names for Elves: ' Telumehtar 'warrior of the sky', an older name for Menelmakil, Orion' (Note 15, WJ 411).

In The Etymologies (s.v. MAK-; LR 371) the word makil is translated as 'sword', whereas 'warrior' is mahtar ( > -mehtar in Telumehtar; -makar in Menelmacar ). The spelling Menelmakil may be just an error.

Abbreviations: LR = The Lost Road and Other Writings (The History of Middle-earth, vol. 5). WJ = The War of the Jewels (The History of Middle-earth, vol. 11).