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Mithril Miniatures is an Irish company specializing in producing collectable metal miniatures, inspired by Middle-earth as portrayed by J.R.R. Tolkien.

Mithril was founded in 1987, the same year they received the license from Tolkien Enterprises (now, Middle-earth Enterprises). Until the late 1990s, Mithril issued official miniatures for Iron Crown Enterprises's Middle-earth Role Playing.

Products[edit | edit source]

Sculptor: Chris Tubb.

  • M26 - M31 Riders of Rohan
  • M32 - M41 Cardolan - Thieves of Tharbad
  • M42 - M51 Witch-king of Angmar Army
  • M52 - M61 The Shire People
  • M63 - M72 Halls of the Elven-king
  • M73 - M82 Far Harad
  • M83 - M92 Mirkwood I
  • M93 - M102 Mount Gundabad
  • M103 - M112 Mirkwood II
  • M130 - M135 Lake-town
  • M145 - M154 Gorgoroth
  • M155 - M164 Durin's Dwarves (for Moria: The Dwarven City)
  • M165 - M174 Ghost-warriors (for Haunted Ruins of the Dunlendings)
  • M175 - M184 Isengard
  • M185 - M194 Fangorn Forest
  • M195 - M204 Minas Tirith
  • M205 - M214 L√≥rien Elves

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