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Mountains of Angmar

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Mountain range
Mountains of Angmar
General Information
LocationNorthern Eriador, west of Mount Gundabad
TypeMountain range
People and History
EventsDestruction of Angmar

The Mountains of Angmar were an extension of the Misty Mountains that lay to the west of Mount Gundabad,[1] home to the Witch-king of Angmar who ruled from his capital Carn Dûm on the western tip of the mountain range.


The Witch-king came to the Mountains around T.A. 1300 and established the realm of Angmar.[2] There he gathered evil men, Orcs and other evil creatures.[3] The Witch-king was defeated at the Battle of Fornost in T.A. 1975[2] along with all of Angmar's men and orcs west of the mountains.[3] In 1977 Frumgar and the Éothéod[2] drove off Angmar's remnants east of the mountains.[4] Orcs probably returned around T.A. 2480 as they constructed secret strongholds along the Misty Mountain range[2] but were again reduced in numbers by the Battle of Five Armies[5] in 2941.[2]