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Mythlore 34, Volume 9, Issue 4
Mythlore 34.jpg
Editor: Glen GoodKnight
Publication information:
Publisher: Mythopoeic Society
Released: 1983 Winter
Format: Paperback
Pages: 44

Mythlore 34 (Volume 9, Issue 4) is an issue of the Mythlore journal, published by the Mythopoeic Society.


  • "The Childlike Hobbit" by Tisa Ho
  • "A Retelling within a Myth Retold: The Priest of Essur and Lewisian Mythopoetics" by Peter J. Schakel
  • "The Excellent Absurdity: Substitution and Co-Inherence in C.S. Lewis and Charles Williams" by Nancy C. Hanger
  • "The Origin of Gandalf and Josef Madlener" by Manfred Zimmermann
  • "Tolkien's Calendar & Ithildin" by Rhona Beare
  • "The Queen of Atlantis" by R. C. Walker
  • "The Fisher King in That Hideous Strength" by Ellen Rawson
  • "Lewis Carroll, scientifictionist (Part II)" by Joe R. Christopher
  • "Norse Mythological Elements in The Hobbit" by Mitzi M. Brunsdale
  • "An Inklings' Bibliography (23)" by Joe R. Christopher
  • Poetry, columns, letters and book reviews
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