Nan Elmoth

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Nan Elmoth
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General Information
LocationEast Beleriand, east of Doriath adjacent to the Celon
People and History
InhabitantsEöl, Aredhel, and Maeglin
EventsFirst meeting of Melian and Thingol
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Nan Elmoth was a forest in East Beleriand east of Doriath, south of the River Celon, and north of Estolad.[1] One of the two roads that the Dwarves took from Blue Mountains towards Beleriand passed near Nan Elmoth. There the trees grew to be the tallest and darkest in Beleriand, blocking the sun entirely from the forest floor.[2]


Melian met Thingol in Nan Elmoth, and stayed motionless for years while the trees grew around them. When they woke up, they founded the realm of Doriath.[3] Nan Elmoth was held to be part of Doriath, and Eöl the Dark Elf paid Thingol with the black sword Anglachel as a fee for living there.[4] Eöl dwelt with his wife Aredhel and their son Maeglin.[2]

"Nan Elmoth" by Anna Kulisz


Robert Foster translates the whole Sindarin name as "Valley of star-dusk": nan ("valley") + el + moth ("stardusk").[5]

In The Second 'Silmarillion' Map, Nan Elmoth is also named as Gladuial, meaning "Twilight Wood", from glad ("wood") + uial ("twilight"). However, Christopher Tolkien did not notice that this name was rejected in The Lay of Leithian Recommenced.[6]


Nan Elmoth
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