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Nandorin, also Danian[1] (from their leader Dân), was the language of the Nandor, those Teleri Elves who broke from the Great Journey east of the Misty Mountains. As such, Nandorin was a branch of the Common Telerin.

A branch of the Nandor eventually completed the Journey, settling in Ossiriand and became known as the Laiquendi; those spoke West-Danian (also called Ossiriandrin or Ossiriandish,[2] and Laiquenderin). Those who remained in the East spoke East-Danian.[1]

In the Third Age the Nandor who remained in the East were known as Silvan Elves, and spoke Silvan Elvish. Sindarin had become the dominant Elvish tongue of the Westlands, and Nandorin little-spoken; it was represented mainly in old place-names and Silvan dialects developed under its influence.

Other versions of the legendarium[edit | edit source]

In The Lhammas (ca. 1937-38), Tolkien used the names Ossiriandic or Ossiriandeb; and Leikvian for East Danian.[3]

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