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New Reckoning

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Aragorn the King Elessar's New Reckoning was the calendar system introduced in Gondor shortly after the War of the Ring and intended to replace the Stewards' Reckoning. It became the common calendar of the Reunited Kingdom during the Fourth Age, except in The Shire where the use of the Shire Calendar continued.

The chief feature of the New Reckoning calendar was that the year began on the anniversary of the destruction of the One Ring.

Its other notable feature was that the birthday of Frodo Baggins, 30 Yavannië in the New Reckoning which corresponded with 22 Halimath in the Shire Calendar, was made a festival in honor of the Ring-bearer. In leap-years 30 Yavannië corresponded with 21 Halimath in the Shire Calendar (due to its Overlithe leap-day at midsummer), so the New Reckoning leap-day was inserted between Yavannië and the Enderi, and Frodo's birthday feast, called Cormarë or "Ringday", was doubled in leap-years.[1]


Month number Quenya Sindarin Relationship to Shire Calendar
  Yestarë 25 Rethe
1 Víressë Gwirith 26 Rethe to 25 Astron
2 Lótessë Lothron 26 Astron to 25 Thrimidge
3 Nárië Nórui 26 Thrimidge to 25 Forelithe
4 Cermië Cerveth 26 Forelithe to 22 Afterlithe (21 in leap years)
5 Úrimë Urui 23 (22) Afterlithe to 22 (21) Wedmath
6 Yavannië Ivanneth 23 (22) Wedmath to 22 (21) Halimath
  Cormarë 22 Halimath[note 1]
  1 Enderë 23 Halimath
  Loëndë 24 Halimath
  2 Enderë 25 Halimath
7 Narquelië Narbeleth 26 Halimath to 25 Winterfilth
8 Hísimë Hithui 26 Winterfilth to 25 Blotmath
9 Ringarë Girithron 26 Blotmath to 25 Foreyule
10 Narvinyë Narwain 26 Foreyule to 23 Afteryule
11 Nénimë Nínui 24 Afteryule to 23 Solmath
12 Súlimë Gwaeron 24 Solmath to 23 Rethe
  Mettarë 24 Rethe


  1. It's not clear if the last day of Yavannië was still referred to as "30 Yavannië", or if this day, and the leap-day, were simply called Cormarë.


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