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[[File:|320x480px|thumb|center|"Nurn" by Mark Fisher]]
General Information
LocationSouthern Mordor
DescriptionQuite fertile with Lake Nurnen in it
People and History
GalleryImages of Nurn

Nurn was a region in the south of Mordor. The great Lake Núrnen, which was fed by four rivers was located in that region.[1] Núrn was much more fertile than Gorgoroth, a literal desert, because it was able to sustain fields to grow food.[2]

At the time of the War of the Ring slaves worked fields by the dark, sad water of Lake Núrnen to feed the armies of Sauron.[2]

The region of Nurn most likely escaped the desolation caused by the eruption of Mount Doom, because it was much further away from Mount Doom than Barad-dûr[3] or Udûn[4].[1]

After the War of the Ring, King Elessar of the Reunited Kingdom of Arnor and Gondor liberated the slaves of Mordor and gave them all the land around Lake Núrnen to be their own.[5]


Nurn, appearing in the compound Núrnen ("sad-water"), apparently means "sad" in Sindarin.[6][7]

Portrayal in adaptations

1982-97: Middle-earth Role Playing:

Gorgoroth contains two maps of north-western Mordor that include the north-western part of Nurn. It also contains descriptions of the fortresses of Barad-wath and Ostigurth that guard the gap of Nurn which spreaded between Gorgoroth and Nurn.

2014: Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor:

Nurn is a location in the game that the player can visit. Nurn was originally the domain of the Tribesmen of Nurn whom were descended from Corsairs, who have settled around the Sea of Nurn following Gondor’s retreat hundreds of years before the events of the story.