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Natalie Chen - Penlod.jpg
"Penlod" by Natalie Chen
Biographical Information
Other namesPendelot (Q)
TitlesLord of the Houses of the Tower of Snow and the Pillar
DeathFall of Gondolin
HouseHouse of the Pillar
House of the Tower of Snow
Physical Description
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Penlod was a Gnome-lord of Gondolin according to the early version of the legendarium in The Book of Lost Tales.


He was marshall of both the House of the Pillar and the House of the Tower of Snow, and he is described as the tallest of the Gnomes.[1]:173

During the Fall of Gondolin, the Gondothlim suffered a hard attack from the enemy after the death of Rog and the folk of the Hammer of Wrath. Having to retreat further back into the city, Penlod perished "in a lane with his back to the wall", and with him many of his men.[1]:179


Penlod is not glossed. The Qenya cognate was Pendelot.[2]


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