Peter Schellen

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Peter-Willem Schellen, also known as Fëanor, is a Dutch Tolkien collector and author.


Schellen is a former treasurer and audit committee member of Unquendor,[1] co-founder of the now defunct South African Tolkien Society Haradrim, publisher of Tolkien periodical Voronwë,[2] innkeeper of Unquendor smial Gondolin, and incubator of Tolkien societies in Slovenia and Israel.

He is also a collector and a number of his articles have appeared in Amon Hen and Lembas.[3]

From 1994 to 1996 Schellen also published a periodical named Voronwë for his smial.[4]

More recently, Peter has supported the Afrikaans translations of the Lord of the Rings by pointing out translation errors.