Ragnir (servant)

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This article is about the blind servant of Morwen. For the outlaw companion of Húrin , see Ragnir (outlaw).
Biographical Information
PositionServant of Morwen
AffiliationLoyal to the House of Hador
Physical Description
Eye colorBlind

Ragnir[note 1][1] was a blind servant of Morwen in Húrin's house in Dor-lómin.


When Morwen informed her young son Túrin that it was time for him to leave Dor-lómin he objected, and part of his objection was that his mother would be left with only old women and two male servants, Sador who was lame and Ragnir who was blind. Nevertheless, Túrin did leave in fulfillment of his mother's command.[2][3]


  1. The name Ragnir was also the name of one of the companions of Asgon who followed Húrin after his release from captivity in "The Wanderings of Húrin". It is unknown if these two characters simply share a name, or are actually the same character.