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The Red Elves, or Red Gnomes, lived at the North Pole with Father Christmas in the Letters from Father Christmas. They were first mentioned in a letter written on 30 November, 1932. They were known to live in Norway.


The Red Elves were sent for by Father Christmas in 1932, and helped him and the North Polar Bear capture many Goblins. They appeared again the next year around 21 November to help deal with another goblin attack. In the battle that followed, many Red Elves got hurt. In 1934, the Red Elves were invited to a special Boxing Day party. About a week before the next Christmas, the Red Elves enjoyed their time shoveling out Father Christmas' house. That year, they received magic sparkler spears to scare goblins away. During 1936, many Red Elves moved to Cliff House.

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