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Roman Britain and the English Settlements

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Roman Britain and the English Settlements
Publication Information
AuthorR.G. Collingwood and J.N.L. Myres
PublisherOxford: Clarendon Press
Released1936 (1st ed.)
SeriesThe Oxford History of England

Roman Britain and the English Settlements is a book by R.G. Collingwood and J.N.L. Myres. In his Preface (dated 14 January 1936), Collingwood thanks his "colleague Professor J.R.R. Tolkien" for having helped him "untiringly with problems of Celtic philology" (p. vii). Tolkien is again explicitly mentioned in a footnote:[1]

Let us look at the evidence. Sulis,1 the goddess of the hot springs at Bath, came into her own at a very early date; her temple, with its classical architecture and very unclassical sculpture, was probably built in the Flavian period. But less than thirty miles away across the Severn, Nodens, the hunter-god of the Forest of Dean, who survived in later mythology as Nuada of the Silver Hand, king of the Tuatha dé Danann, and later still as King Lear, […]
1. She is traditionally called Sul; but Professor Tolkien points out to me that the Celtic nominative can only be Sulis, and our authority for believing that even the Romans made a nominative Sul on the analogy of their own word sol — perhaps meaning the same — is not good. The Celtic sulis may mean ‘the eye’, and this again may mean the sun.

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