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General Information
Other namesRushy
LocationEastfarthing, the Shire
People and History

Rushey was a small village south of the Marish, in the Eastfarthing of the Shire.[1] It was built on relatively stable ground amidst the soggy fens of the Marish, hence the name.[2] The Causeway traversed the village, connecting it to the villages of Stock to the north and Deephallow to the south.[1]


The name means "Rush-isle". David Salo has suggested an Old Hobbitish etymology from *Ryscieg.[3] -ey or -y in English place-names has the sense "small island", as seen in Girdley.[2]

It was called so as "a 'hard' among the fens of the Marish"[2] forming an isolated "island" in the midst of the soggy ground; this nomenclature is also seen in the Isle of Ely.[3]

The name is spelled as "Rushy" on A Part of the Shire.[1][3]