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SEVEN: An Anglo-American Literary Review, Volume 9
PublisherMarion E. Wade Center of Wheaton College
FormatPaperback journal

SEVEN, Volume 9 is a volume of SEVEN, a scholarly journal published by the Marion E. Wade Center.

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  • "The Centenary Year of Charles Williams"
    • by Charles A. Huttar
  • "Inklings in Germany"
    • by Christopher Dean
  • "A Visit to Beatrice"
  • "Entering the Vision: A Novelist's View of Phantastes"
    • by Sylvia Bruce
  • "'La Trahison des Clercs' in Chesterton's Parables for Social Reformers"
    • by Denis J. Conlon
  • "Specters of T.S. Eliot's City in the Novels of Charles Williams"
    • by Donald G. Keesee
  • "Mid-Century Perceptions of the Ancient Celtic Peoples of 'England'"
    • by J.S. Ryan
  • "Echoes in Age from the World of J.R.R. Tolkien"
    • by E.L. Edmonds
  • "A Dorothy L. Sayers Crime Play Rediscovered"
    • by Philip L. Scowcroft
  • "C.S. Lewis on Rationalism: (Unpublished Notes)"
    • by Patience Fetherston
  • "'Knowledge' in C.S. Lewis's Post-Conversion Thought: His Epistemological Method"
    • by Stephen Thorson
  • Review Article: Abridgement: Profit and Loss in Modernizing George MacDonald
    • by William H. Burnside
  • Review Article: Despatches from the Battlefield
    • by John Coates