Sadoc Burrows

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"Sadoc Burrows" is a concept which has only appeared in an adaptation of the works of J.R.R. Tolkien.
Sadoc Burrows
"Sadoc Burrows" in The Rings of Power
Biographical Information
LocationNorfield Glen, the Grove, and the East Bight
BirthLate Second Age
DeathLate Second Age
East Bight
FamilyBurrows Family
SpouseDaffodil Burrows
Physical Description
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Sadoc Burrows was a Harfoot Trailfinder who led a Harfoot caravan during the Second Age. Sadoc was invented for The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power by Amazon Studios, where he was portrayed by Lenny Henry.[1]


Not much is known about Sadoc's past. At one point in time during the late Second Age, he lost his wife, Daffodil Burrows, to Wolves during a previous migration. Sadoc is in possession of a unique Star-book, which was handed down to him by previous Trailfinders. He uses it to aid his caravan in migrating from one seasonal haven to another.

Prior to the beginning of autumn, Sadoc organized the Harvest Festival to prepare for the migration from the Norfield Glen to the Grove.

Around the time that The Stranger arrived, Sadoc began to notice a strange and peculiar constellation in the sky.

After Elanor Brandyfoot's rule-breaking was made known, Sadoc reluctantly forces the Brandyfoot cart to follow at the back of the caravan, dooming them to the possibility of being left behind.

During the migration, the Stranger proves himself trustworthy to Sadoc when he prevented three wolves from making a meal out of Malva Meadowgrass, Elanor, and Poppy Proudfellow. However, despite attempting to heal the Grove from the debris of Orodruin's eruption, the act very nearly harms Elanor and Dilly Brandyfoot.

Later, after the caravan's carts are burned to the ground by the Mystics, who were attempting to pursue the Stranger, Sadoc organizes a company made up of Elanor, Poppy, and Marigold Brandyfoot to take revenge and warn the Stranger. However, despite defeating the Mystics at the East Bight, the Nomad mortally wounded Sadoc. Though he did have enough time to slightly avenge himself before The Stranger banished the mystics. As the sun rose that morning, Sadoc died feeling it on his skin, believing in his heart that he would soon see his wife again.


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