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Sean Bean
LifetimeApril 17, 1959
PortrayedBoromir in:
 The Lord of the Rings (film series)

English actor Shaun Mark "Sean" Bean (b. 17 April 1959) played Boromir in The Lord of the Rings film series.

Bean had previously played Richard Sharpe in the well known British TV series Sharpe, based on Bernard Cornwell's novels about the Napoleonic Wars. Boromir's comment about the shards of Narsil in The Fellowship of the Ring ("Still sharp!") is a nod to that role.

He has also played in the series Game of Thrones, which is adapted from the novel series A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin.


"Being human, he's more susceptible to the power of the Ring and is constantly having to the fight against it. He knows that it's got a strong draw on him, and throughout the journey, that keys preying on his mind."
― Sean Bean on Boromir, The Lord of the Rings: Official Movie Guide
"Lord of the Rings was just so much enjoyment. It was over about the space of a year that I was filming. It's one of the most enjoyable things I've ever emotional."
― Sean Bean,
"I'm proud of Lord of the Rings, and I want to be there to tell people to go and see it, and get behind it. I think it's a once in a lifetime role, and a once in a lifetime film."
― Sean Bean,
"I wasn't very keen on flying, so me and Orlando Bloom were driving from Wellington to Queensland. And there was a massive storm with mudslides so we got stuck and had to sort of shack up in this log cabin for a couple of days. It was quite pleasant actually, but the ironic thing is that the only way they could get us out was by helicopter. So after doing all that, I ended up in one. It was just terrible because it was swaying and just hearing the rotor blades go around makes me think, 'Oh shit.' Orlando was sitting next to me, and he was fine, but I was gripping his kneecap."
― Sean Bean, Interview.


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