Some Moseley Personalities: Volume I

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Some Moseley Personalities: Volume I
Publication Information
AuthorEllen Wilkins, Roy Thomas, Joan Hazlewood, Gordon Sproston, Fred Price
PublisherMoseley Local History Society
FormatPaperback (booklet)

Some Moseley Personalities: Volume I is a booklet published by the Moseley Local History Society. It contains several articles on well-known personalities from the Moseley area of Birmingham. The booklet includes an article on J.R.R. Tolkien (pp. 28-33) written by Roy Thomas, which describes Tolkien's years in Birmingham and features several photographs of local homes related to the Tolkien family.

From the publisher

Featuring: The Balden Family; Joseph Chamberlain; Percy Harrison; Sir John Holder; Sir Barry Jackson; Cyril Lander; Joseph, Harry & Oliver Lucas; Sir Herbert Manzoni; Sidney H Meteyard & Kate Eadie; Henry Morton, JRR Tolkien; William Dyke Williamson

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