Strider (chapter)

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The name Strider refers to more than one character, item or concept. For a list of other meanings, see Strider (disambiguation).
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Chapter of The Fellowship of the Ring
EventFrodo meets Strider.
Date29 September 3018
LocationThe Prancing Pony
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A Knife in the Dark  >

Strider is the tenth chapter of the first book in The Fellowship of the Ring.


Strider followed Frodo "Underhill" to his room in The Prancing Pony, which made Frodo very uneasy. Strider told Frodo that he knew of his real identity and warned him of the Black Riders. He also warned the hobbits of a few people of Bree who were up to no good, most likely spying. He offered to guide them. Despite his offers of assistance, however, Strider was unable to completely gain Frodo's trust.

At that moment, Mr. Butterbur came in. He told Frodo that Gandalf had left a letter for Frodo in his keeping. After giving Frodo the letter and saying that he would be on the lookout for Black Riders, Mr. Butterbur left.

Frodo read the letter that warned him against travelling at night and using the ring. Gandalf had also written about Strider, saying that he was a worthy friend. The letter also told Frodo to make for Rivendell with haste.

Strider told the Hobbits that his real name was Aragorn and that he would protect them. They all wondered what had happened to Gandalf to make him send someone else to give the message.

Suddenly Merry, who had been outside for a walk, came in and told them that he had seen a Black Rider. When he had followed it, it had disappeared. Merry had then been overtaken by the Rider's breath and fainted. But before any harm could come to him, the landlord's helper Nob had come to his aid.

Strider warned the Hobbits that they were in danger. He said that a Bree man named Bill Ferny had to have told the Black Riders that the Hobbits had stayed there. Strider told the Hobbits not to sleep in their own rooms. They carried their belongings to another room and finally went to sleep.