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"It isn't time yet. It can't be tea-time even, leastways not in decent places where there is tea-time."
Samwise Gamgee[1]

Tea was a beverage that the Hobbits (specifically Shire-hobbits) enjoyed alone or socially.

A time of resting and relaxing, the tea-time[2] was considered a meal on its own, between lunch and dinner.[3] It was customary to offer guests for a cup of tea.[4]

Bilbo Baggins invited Gandalf for a cup of tea when he unexpectedly arrived to Bag End. After his invitation, Gandalf showed up with Thorin and Company.[5]

In a poem, the Lonely Troll served Perry-the-Winkle some "fulsome tea" and the two friends regularly met in weekly tea sessions.[6]

Portrayal in adaptations

2007-: The Lord of the Rings Online:

Tea leaves can be grown by farmers, and characters with the cooking craft can produce several varieties of tea (including Black, Green, Red, and White Tea).[7] In the introductory quest "Sweet Bilberry Tea", Celandine Brandybuck asks the player to collect bilberries for her medicinal tea.[8]