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Template page
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Citation template for The Fall of Gondolin.




  • Preface: "Preface"
  • Prologue: "Prologue"
  • FG: "The Tale of The Fall of Gondolin"
    • Original: "The Original Tale"
    • Earliest: "The Earliest Text"
    • Turlin: "Turlin and the Exiles of Gondolin"
    • Sketch: "The Story Told in the Sketch of the Mythology"
    • Quenta: "The Story Told in the Quenta Noldorinwa"
    • Last: "The Last Version"
    • Evolution: "The Evolution of the Story"
    • Conclusion: "Conclusion"
  • List or Names: "List of Names"
  • Additional: "Additional Notes"
  • Glossary: "Glossary"