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Citation template for The History of The Hobbit.


  • 0 or Intro: "Introduction"
  • 1 or First: "The First Phase"
    • I(a) or Pryftan: "The Pryftan Fragment"
    • I(b) or Bladorthin: "The Bladorthin Typescript"
  • 2 or Second: "The Second Phase"
    • I(c) or Adventure: "The Adventure Continues"
    • II or Trolls: "Trolls"
      • TheTrolls : "(i) The Trolls"
      • Contract : "(ii) Bilbo's Contract"
    • III or Rivendell: "Rivendell"
    • IV or Goblins: "Goblins"
    • V or Gollum: "Gollum"
    • VI or Wargs: "Wargs and Eagles"
    • VII or Medwed: "Medwed"
    • PNA: "Plot Notes A"
    • VIII or Mirkwood: "Mirkwood"
    • Stream: "'The Enchanted Stream'"
    • Reconsidered: "Mirkwood Reconsidered"
    • PNB: "Plot Notes B"
    • IX or Halls: "In the Halls of the Elvenking"
    • X or Lake: "Lake Town"
    • XI or Lonely: "The Lonely Mountain"
    • PNC: "Plot Notes C"
    • XII or Conversations: "Conversations with Smaug"
    • XIII or Death: "The Death of Smaug"
    • PND: "Plot Notes D"
    • XIV or While: "While the Dragon's Away..."
    • XVa or Ravens: "The Kindness of Ravens"
    • Siege: "The Siege of the Mountain"
      • PNE: "Plot Notes E: 'Little Bird'"
      • PNF: "Plot Notes F"
  • 3 or Third: "The Third Phase"
    • Thief: "'A Thief Indeed'"
    • XVb or King: "King Bard"
    • XVI or Divided: "Divided Loyalties"
    • XVII or Battle: "The Battle of Five Armies"
    • XVIII or Back: "'And Back Again'"
    • XVb or End: "The End of the Journey"
  • 4 or Fourth: "The Fourth Phase"
    • 1947: "The 1947 Hobbit"
    • Fortunate or Misunderstanding: "The Fortunate Misunderstanding"
  • 5 or Fifth: "The Fifth Phase"
    • 1960: "The 1960 Hobbit"
    • NC1: "New Chapter I. A Well-Planned Party"
    • NC2: "New Chapter II. The Broken Bridge"
    • NC3: "New Chapter III. Arrival in Rivendell"
    • Queries: "Queries and Reminders"
    • End: "The End of the Fifth Phase"
    • Timelines: "Timelines and Itinerary"
      • T1: "i. Distances and Itinerary"
      • T2: "ii. Timetable from Rivendell to Lake Town"
      • T3: "iii. The Timeline Revisited"
      • T4: "iv. Waxing and Waning"
      • T5: "v. Phases of the Moon"
      • T6: "vi. The Wandering Moon"
  • A or Appendices: "Appendices"
    • A1 : "Appendix I. The Denham Tracts"
    • A2: "Appendix II. Tolkien's letter to The Observer"
    • A3: "Appendix III. The Dvergatal (The Dwarf Names)"
    • A4: "Appendix IV. Tolkien's Correspondence with Arthur Ransome"
    • A5: "Appendix V. Author's Copies List"
  • 7 or Addendum: "Addendum: The Seventh Phase"
    • 7i: "i. Timeline of Events"
    • 7ii: "ii. Notes on a Parley"
    • 7iii: "iii. Responses to Queries"
    • 7iv: "iv. Personae"
    • 7v: "v. Runic Charts"
    • 7vi: "vi. Fëanorian Letters"